Well, I had hopes or expectations that the election process would wake people in this state as to the precarious position the state finds it in, but alas too no avail. The far left radicals retailed their hold over Denver and Boulder and hence trashed the productive potion of this state.  So as most others here on the Western Slope, where people used to work and live, I also have to hit the road in search of job opportunities in other states.  Most of my fellow oil field connections have gone (that’s past tense) to Pennsylvania, Wyoming or North Dakota.  The PA workers seem to have found contentment in the hills of the east. The coal miners have been reduced by 2/3rds from what used to work here.   Families are leaving now,  our businesses  in town are failing and folding up shop.  This is not a very pleasant sight to see.

My latest oilfield update is that the remaining field work that XTO was doing was completely shut down until maybe next spring.  Something about some piece of paper wasn’t filed correctly back in 1987 and some rodent in Denver threw a hissy.  Exxon announce that there were shutting it down to just 2 rigs by Christmas and will be shut down until 2012- waiting to see if the people in this country can through out the bums and go back to work I guess.   Encana folks are totally gone now and acted enraged when they were last around any of the ops people around here – shades of the old days I guess.  I keep hearing the the mantra no coal in 2020 and keep wondering what planet they yohos are from.

So like the old days when we used to say – Last one leaving, turn out the lights –  See ya!

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