We have been watching RD Shell slowing retreat out of the area.  First there was the “non renewal” of the government oil shale leases.  Then we began to hear the rumors last year when oil was $147/bbl that they had made a test run at the freeze wall facility, but  the results were limited (and disappointing to them) and under no circumstance economic.  Next we started to hear about shift changes on the facility – no longer the three shifts a day.  It appeared to be  scaled down to a maintenance crew, daylights only.  We started to hear about refining personal being asked to reassign to the facilities in the tar sands of  Canada.  This summer we started to hear about local budget restraints, cost cutting maneuvers, droping local support functions which RD Shell has been active in for decades.

Haven’t heard anything official from- all the financial news is great for RD Shell – elsewhere.  It seems to add up as “we be gone.”

See ya! Shell, USA was a great company for the State of Colorado – back in the day

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