Today, the FED began to inflate this weakened economy by some $600 billion dollars.  To put that into perspective, there is just $600 billion dollars in total cash flow (US Dollars) in the world, The FED is taking the extreme gamble to double the cash supply of greenbacks and potentially devalue the US dollar by 20%.  I wonder if Wally Wang in Beijing like the fact that their bonds are now 80% of par.  It absolutely amazes me on what lengths leftists will do to completely destroy this country we live in.  Instead of going to work, they decide this old busted Keynesian theory crap is still good, we hadn’t done enough of it – incredible!    This hot inflation cash normally goes first to Wall Street – the trickle down usually takes a year to get to the ones that need it – us.  So this is the rise in oil/gas and the other stocks we see.  So let’s see now, with this $600 billion, plus the bailouts and the other stimulus, we have been stimulated some $2.1 Trillion, ahh that’s a “T” in there.  So when this fails, its all over – turn out the lights.

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This weekend I had an opportunity to attend a presentation workshop on “Lean”.  EnCana sent their trainers out from Denver to run two workshops in Rio Blanco County. This particular workshop was on their “Awareness” level and was addressed to the county and towns of Rio Blanco.  There were also few independent businesses there of which I was the only oil & gas  company.  A little lopsided, but it was OK – I got to see what our government types were up to.

Lean is the current progression of industrial management.  While in school, my business training and studies were focused around the Harvard Business School Case Study & TQM concepts.  Interesting to see where they have taken this. This particular workshop was focusing only on the Lean aspects as it pertains to the cost structure of the balance sheet.  Lean is a thinking process that provides tools to visualize the manufacturing process (or drilling a well or whatever), identify waste and variation, and then eliminate the root causes.   From an engineering stand point, its a methodology to squeeze the cost structure.

Interesting how the larger companies all use these techniques on both sides of the balance sheet.  Early this summer, I had the change to visit with the ExxonMobile folks on how they incorporated Lean in their asset structure as well as their cost structure.  Their program is very advanced and has been in operation a great while, so much so,that  it is all their managers breath and think.  Everything for the system – nothing left out of the plan that we can’t control is a good motto for Exxon.  Its really no wonder their balance sheet holds so much cash right now.

Anyway, it was an interesting experience.  EnCana offered further training to the group at a later date – I may go along and see what’s next.


This is the second Harpole presentation that was presented to the Energy Expo.  This one was mainly focusing on national issues.

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