As GECI, Inc., we are about to set into motion broad themes and policies which will affect this generation and the next.  Rarely does one get the opportunity to give guidance and be an instrument of change for a generation.  We are aided in this effort by having the experience of the last commodity/infrastructure cycle to help us foresee, predict and implement correct decisions for this build out.  We find ourselves in the position to be a major exporter of natural gas from the main export gas system of North America – the Rockies.

GECI will build out from its current asset position to fully encompass more than seven major producing basins of the Colorado Plateau and Greater Green River Basin.  These basins have conservative USGS resource numbers approaching 200 trillion cubic feet of gas.  The plan itself would involve the following regional complexes:

1)    The Greater Green River of Wyoming – 50 trillion cubic feet gas reserves.
2)    Piceance-Uinta basins – 25 trillion cubic feet gas reserves.
3)    Paradox and associated Tertiary Valleys – 5-15 trillion cubic feet gas reserves.
4)    Black Mesa- 22-25 trillion cubic feet gas reserves.
5)    San Juan and Chama – 50 trillion cubic feet gas reserves.
6)    Raton – 15-18 trillion cubic feet gas reserves.

The producing horizons of the region are geographically and geologically similar due to the proximal location to the Laramide mountain building events.  For the most part only the Tertiary and Upper Cretaceous rocks have been exploited in this region, leaving the vast majority of the rock section unexplored.  Currently there is a shift to fully develop the conventional reserves already discovered by the past drilling and to maximize the recovery from those from the unconventional sources such as fractured shales or tight sands.  Indications are that the drilling and the production of this area will extend more than 50 years.

Opportunity comes as often as one is trained to comprehend the elements and to take action.  This opportunity, which is so unique, is only seen once in 30 years or so.  This opportunity will cause GECI, Inc to develop a dominate presence in the Rocky Mountains for a minimum of development money.

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