Yes, another round of useless and pointless “stuff ” by the interior.  This time it is referring to the following article describing some mini-leases in the Colorado, Utah & Wyoming areas for the intent and purposes of “R&D” on oil shales.  Come on Ken, you at least should have a clue that there is no new technology that does oil shale, hence a fruitless gesture to the minions that you are doing something instead of spending all your time pounding away at what you think Bush did.  Get a life – you and John need to move back to the farm and forget the Richard Lamm thesis of the 1980’s.  How’s those Utah law suits working for you Ken?  When are we going to get back to drilling in the Rockies?


U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Tuesday the federal government will open up public lands in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming to new oil shale research and development, although the agency plans to investigate last-minute changes to existing leases issued by the Bush administration.

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According to World Oil (October issue), the BLM has finished their first online lease sale and they netted over $150,000. Upon further review the total amount spent was $153,637 for 7,701 acres. This grand total amounted to something like $19.95 per acre over all. The highest bid parcel was $77.05 per acre for a 1,444 acre block. All this BLM acreage was from Rio Blanco County, the northern Piceance Basin where just a couple of years ago acreage was going for $40,000 – $65,000/per acre. WOW! Back to goat pasture prices Ritter – sure glad you are leaving office. I also noticed that the black hole of Denver-Boulder got half of this chump change – maybe that will help pave a golf cart path for the other dead beats. In the meantime the county which has to pay for all this infrastructure gets nada, zippo. Whoops, maybe spoke to soon – saw two of those $1,500 boma constructions signs on Hwy 13 the other day.  No work being done of course, but Ritter spent $3,000 on those signs.  Still having fun in the Piceance – keeping you informed of reality. David


This is the title of my new summary of activity notes here in the Piceance-Uinta Basin.  Its keeps a running list of those companies that are leaving the Rockies or are Chapt 11 or are just selling out period for no special reason except to raise cash to live another day.  Hence when you bail-out, you pull the ripcord – rhythms with “jack you up”.

Current additions are:

Lario – sales of their properties in Wyoming.  25,400 gross acres with a stated monthly of $545 K/mth.  Nice money though!

The biggie: Pioneer Natural Resources.  This is 372,200 gross acres turning over to somebody – maybe.  Its only cash flowing some $220K/mth, so most of this was basically a land play.  Acreage is loacted in Colorado/Utah, primarily north of I-70.

Going back now for just the last two months we have:

Newfield, Hess JV In Marcellus Newfield Exploration Co., Houston, (NYSE: NFX) and Hess Corp. (NYSE: HES) will JV on 140,000 gross Pennsylvania acres in the Marcellus fairway. Newfield president and CEO Lee Boothby says, “We expect to build a business here, just as we have done in the Midcontinent and the Rocky Mountains.”  

Newfield Exploration Co., Houston, (NYSE: NFX) reports its LF 7-1 well offshore China has been tested at 6,000 BO/d. It encountered approx. approximately 250 feet of high-quality oil pay in multiple sands. VP, onshore Gulf Coast and international, William Schneider says, “Our two successes on Block 16/05 confirm that we have a commercial oil development with considerable running room.”

Comment: kinda quiet over there in Monument Buttes.

Centennial, Colo., (Toronto Venture: ADB)Gas-focused Admiral Bay Resources Inc., has retained FIG Partners LLC Energy Research & Capital Group to review alternatives, including a merger. President and CEO Steven Tedesco says, “While we continue to have the support of our lenders…, we are looking …for continued growth…while improving our cost structure and liquidity.”

Comment: Steve been around here in Denver a very long time – hate to see him go.

PE firm Lime Rock Partners will invest $55MM in Houston-based oilfield-equipment provider ITS Group in exchange for a minority stake in ITS. ITS executive chairman Bob Kidd says, “The investment strengthens our balance sheet, allowing us to continue investing organically and also to pursue the acquisition opportunities that are prevalent in the current market.”

Comment: These guys used to rotate money in and out of the Rockies every 18 months or so.

Losing a bid for Permian-focused oil producer Legacy Reserves LP (Nasdaq: LGCY) this summer as Legacy unit prices improved with oil prices, PE firm Apollo Global Management LLC is offering $483MM for oil-weighted Parallel Petroleum Corp. (Nasdaq: PLLL), or $14.55 per proved BOE. Parallel president and CEO Larry Oldham says, “…Parallel will be better capitalized (under Apollo) to execute its current business plan and develop new opportunities for growth.”

Comment:  These folks had some tar sand ideas over here in Utah.  Nice folks – hope they keep drilling down there in Texas.

Energy Transfer Partners LP, Dallas, (NYSE: ETP) has completed the 160-mile, 42-inch Texas Independence Pipeline to take gas from Bossier and Barnett resource plays in eastern and north-central Texas.

Comment: Got get ’em boys!  Anything happening with Canyon?

Stay tuned for this list – there’s more.

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